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How to become a member of EUNES?

In each EU country EUNES either has individual members, representatives, subsidiaries or top national organization.

In case that in certain EU country, the national organization of healers and therapists hasn't been established yet,  you can request your membership as individual member. Each inviditual member can later become EUNES representative, register a subsidiary or form a local (national) organization.

Every representative is required to bring new members to EUNES, who have to meet following criteria – that they are healers and therapists, that they have appropriate education, and that they are trained for healing therapy activities according to local legislation of each separate country.

Each country can have more than one independent representatives and subsidiaries, but only one national top organization of healers and therapists. EUNES subsidiary registered in certain country is registered if representative has gathered 50 or more healers and therepists which all have regulated their EUNES membership status.

Top national organization status is granted for 500 and over registered EUNES members. After that, each new member from that country can activate their EUNES membership exclusively through that national organization.

Status of national top organization in any EU country is also available to existing organizations who already gathers healers and therapists from at least 10 healing and therapy methods, and with more that 500 active members.

In exceptional cases, subsidiary and top organization can have a smaller number of healers and therapists, depending on country size and it's total population.
On our website you check how to join EUNES in each EU country (and non EU member countries), whether you wish to request your membership as an individual, or through national top organization. Members of EUNES can also come from countries who still aren't EU members.

With your EUNES membership, you have regulated a LICENCE for specific healing or therapeutical activity, and your membership card. After that you will be enlisted in European Union healers registry.

There are two kinds of LICENCES: EUNES LICENCE which is valid for any EU country (for those who perform their activities in more that one country – 900,00€) and EUNES LICENCE valid only in your home country, and is paid 300,00€. LICENCE is issued only for one activity, but in case that you are registering for more than one, each additional activity is paid another 100,00€.

For full membership you need to fill in all required data in on-line registration form – choose if you are registering either as PRIVATE PERSON or as LEGAL ENTITY. After that send us a scan of document which proves your schooling/education issued by authorized institution, local organization or registered legal entity to our e-mail address: After we receive your registration request, you will receive an e-mail to the address you used in registration form, with further instructions on how to make a payment and other needed steps if necessary.

Register now as PRIVATE PERSON or ar LEGAL ENTITY.